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What Our Clients Had To Say...

"I hold Cliff Pak in high regard as an insurance agent and as a person. He is an honest, compassionate and hard working individual..."

Theresa P.Allum, D.D.S.
Brampton Dental Group

"Cliff works within your guidelines and needs, a'nd is great at answering questions, bringing the confusion of insurance coverage to understandable levels..."

Sue-Ann Choo, D.D.S.,
Etobicoke, Ontario

"Clifford has provided me with his professional services since I graduated. He has now become part of my family and I would recommend him for yours...."

Vito Gallucci, D.D.S., B.Sc., B.Ed.
Dr. Vito Gallucci - Family Dentistry

"He will consider each individual situation before setting up your insurance plans, and will not try to sell you more than you need or something you don't need..."

Normand L. Gervais D.D.S. F.R.C.D.
Coronation Dental Specialty Group

"We like to thank you for the excellent service which you have render to us for the last ten years..."

Ken Lam, B.Sc., D.D.S.
Ken Lam, Michelle Tessaro, Samson Lee

"He has proven to be a very caring and knowledgeable professional. Stability is important when starting out, and Cliff has been utterly and unceasingly reliable..."

Clement F. Lung, D.D.S.

"All of these brokers pushed their opinions of which policy or plan was 'best'. clifford listened to my concerns and helped me to choose the right package, thinking of my best interests instead of his own..."

Kenneth Montague, DDS
Dr. Kenneth Montague and Associates